Our client's entrust us with their
Financial Freedom

We go the extra mile to earn it, because we are only as good
as our integrity and the results we deliver.

That’s why we put financial freedom first


We have a responsibility to our clients to provide guidance that helps them achieve and maintain their financial freedom.

At Stax Capital, we specialize in alternative investment strategies that can help to build wealth through a diverse asset approach that is backed by a proprietary due diligence and vetting process.

We leverage nearly two decades of experience in alternative investments to create meaningful value for our clients. Over that time we have built a deep and trusted network of product sponsors, subject matter experts and transaction specialists to support our clients needs.

We go the extra mile to help you feel secure when dealing with Stax.



At Stax Capital we deliver a disciplined approach to issuer and product due diligence. We believe that minimizing investor risk is an absolute prioritiy, so we’ve developed a proprietary due diligence process that examines critical risk factors like management flaws, aggressive financial modeling assumptions, physical deficiencies and resilience against negative trends.


The cornerstone of successful investing is foresight. We leverage deep knowledge in direct participation, DST and 1031 exchange investing to provide our clients with institutional opportunities, at an accessible scale, with totally passive management. We specialize in minimizing tax exposure while executing on potential wealth building strategies.


We believe integrity is a daily lived experience that shapes the sponsors and partners with whom we associate. Our investments are managed by experienced professionals and we streamline the complex so that you stay in control.


We believe trust is not given, but earned. Over twenty years and thousands of 1031 exchanges, Stax founders have developed deep professional relationships with investors, issuers and service providers alike. Our focus on earning trust is reflected in how we adapt to every individual investor’s needs, and how we work to implement strategies that complement unique circumstances.




Our team of professionals are dedicated to putting your financial freedom first.

team member

Stacey Morimoto

Founder CEO

Stacey Morimoto brings 19 years experience and a unique vision to Stax Capital. Stacey founded his first financial services firm in 2003. He believes that a commitment to service and a robust due diligence process, has been critical to his success as an independent broker dealer.
team member

Jason Finley

Business Development

Jason Finley joined Stax Capital after a vibrant and storied career leading some of the country's most prestigious Golf Clubs and national leadership in a prominent technology company. Jason brings the same dedication to his work in serving Stax Capital clients.
team member

Quinn Morimoto

Investor Relations

Son of Stax Capital founder Stacey Morimoto, Quinn has been actively developing his knowledge base and acumen in the securities industry for several years, you could say it's in his blood. Quinn has a firm commmitment to compliance and operational efficiency within the organization.

STAX Capital DST Exchange Guide

Our DST Exchange Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the 1031 exchange process and how Delaware Statutory Trust investments work and can be used to help investors gain access to institutional-grade properties.

DST Guide

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