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Stax brings you institutional quality investments, at an
accessible scale, with totally passive management.

That’s how we put financial freedom first

It’s our role to understand what financial freedom means to you and then partner with you on the journey forward with alternative investment services – The Stax Way.

Our services and invaluable network, plus decades of experience and knowledge, are the tools we use to create a tailored solution to manage your wealth now and for generations to come.

As time passes needs change, so looking after multi-generational wealth means that our strategies need to be responsive and flexible and suit the varying stages of life and wealth management.

We welcome you to Stax.



1. Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation, we're focused on learning about you and your family along with your current and future needs. We determine whether we can be of service, clarify your understanding of Stax and answer any burning questions.

2. Portfolio Review

We conduct a comprehensive review of your portfolio and compare it against current needs. This helps us identify alternative investment service types and strategies aligned with those needs. We share and explain the results keeping you in control and making well-informed decisions.

3. Strategy Development

Next we develop and present a customised and thoughtful strategy for your consideration. We outline the risks and potential benefits, we then provide a detailed summary and the offering documents for each investment.

4. Strategy Execution

It's your job to fully review the investment materials, then we provide a detailed follow up to any questions that arise. Once you're prepared to invest, we execute your directives and keep you completely informed as to the status of transaction processing.

5. Ongoing Support

Once alternative investment service transactions are processed and finalized to your satisfaction, we follow up with ongoing services to help manage your wealth. The end of your first transaction with Stax is the beginning of our journey together. We are with you every step of the way.

Alternatives first

We specialize in alternative investment services.

With nearly two decades of dedicated experience, Stax offers a multitude of
investment structures that have the potential to suit your needs.

Delaware Statutory Trusts

DST's offer an IRS approved vehicle for 1031 exchange investment options, which can defer long term taxes, simplify ongoing tax reporting obligations, liberate investors from hands on property management, and provide potential cash flow and ongoing tax benefits. DST's streamline the 1031 exchange investment options and process.


Qualified Opportunity Funds

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOF's) enjoy a powerful combination of tax advantages including tax deferral, tax reduction and tax elimination. Investors are afforded these powerful tax benefits for investing in specific zones designated by the Federal Government.


Direct Participation Programs

Direct participation programs provide access to institutional quality investments for smaller investors, while also offering portfolio diversification potential, a hedge against inflation and traditional market volatility.


Experience can build lasting success

That's how we put your financial freedom first.

Stax streamlines the complex, so you’re in control. We adapt to your circumstances, so
you’re on track. We go the extra mile on due diligence, helping you feel more secure.

Meaningful Experience

We've facilitated thousands of transactions into TIC (tenancy in common) and DST investments. We're versed in 1031 exchange investment options, regulations, and processes, plus we have direct access to legal, tax and critical resources that assist with planning and execution.

Experts in DST & 1031 investing.

Essential Knowledge

Our founders have been involved in direct participation programs with a core focus on DST's for almost two decades. We've carried out due diligence on hundreds of products and a host of sponsors. We know how to assess potential risks and benefits which helps instill confidence.

We know Alternatives.

Critical Diligence

We employ a propietary due diligence process that identifies critical risk factors such as flaws in management, excessive fees, overly aggressive financial assumptions, physical deficiencies, historical trends and other critical factors that materially impact results.

Underwriting support

Comprehensive service

We work closely with our clients through every stage of the investing process. We evaluate current holdings, we set up and manage exchange processes, we identify and help you evaluate available products and we manage document preparation and flow.

We support the entire process.

We don't have a crystal ball

But we try to look into every corner.

We've refined our approach over two decades including developing a proprietary
due diligence process designed to help mitigate risk in your alternative investment services.

Proprietary diligence

Stax has developed a thorough and comprehensive due diligence process that encompasses issuer and product due diligence, alongside industry and sector analysis.

Physical inspections

Stax will often tour properties before recommending alternative investment services, incorporating real-world intelligence into the due diligence process. We also enjoy hosting property tours for our clients.

Executive interviews

Stax interviews executive teams at their corporate headquarters to gain insight into their backgrounds, experience and track records, which could shift the needle during the due diligence process.

Third party reviews

Stax engages independent third parties for legal, structural and financial reviews, plus background checks on managers and issuers. We cross reference our work against other industry professionals.

Stress testing

Stax specialists undertake detailed fund analysis and financial modelling evaluation, interrogating inputs and assumptions used to build financial models.

Market analysis

Stax analyzes investment inputs and variables against third party data from analysts like REIS and Moody's to verify financial model assumptions.

Please always consider the risks

DST's and Direct Participation Programs carry the general risks of any investment, which
include the loss of principle and some product specific risks worth noting.

Illiquid investment

Alternative investments services can't access secondary markets, so it can be very difficult to sell DST and other DPP interests.

Can be difficult to sell.

Delegated control

Investors delegate control over their investment to third party managers, therefore, they have no opportunity to influence decisions.

Independent management.

Potential fees

As with any other investment, investors should understand all fees and expenses prior to making an investment commitment.

Understand fees before investing.

Sale decisions

Sale decisions are made by sponsors, these are based on market conditions and other variables effecting the sale price.

Selling decisions are independent.

Market risk

Property investments are subject to all market related risks including general economic risks and property specific submarket or location risks.

Investing carries risk.

Regulatory risk

Remember that individual DPP investments have not been reviewed or approved by the SEC or IRS and are subject to regulatory risk.

Understand oversight risks.

Speculative investments

Real estate and alternative investment services are speculative in nature and carry all the risks associated with speculation.

Risk is inherent.

Economic risk

Real estate and alternative investment services are subject to changes in the economy including recession, inflation, pandemics, and other economic risks.

Economic factors may have negative impact.

Let's Start the Conversation for Alternative Investments

Contact us to start the conversation about what financial freedom means to you and how we can support your investing needs.
  • An accredited investor, in the context of a natural person, includes anyone who earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, OR has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). In addition, entities such as banks, partnerships, corporations, nonprofits, and trusts may be accredited investors. Any trust, with total assets in excess of $5 million, not formed to specifically purchase the subject securities, whose purchase is directed by a sophisticated person, OR any entity in which all of the equity owners are accredited investors.
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