Ronald Dammon - Client

"l've been working with Stacey for almost seven years on DST purchases and sales. Stacey has always given me several options from different companies to consider. Closing on your new property after a sale is quick with little loss of interest. Stacey will describe each property and tell you the good and bad of each so you can make your decision. He is totally honest and has an easy-going personality but really knows his business. Highly recommended".

Paul Champlin - Client

"Stacey has been a delight to work with and has demonstrated a commanding knowledge of capital markets and alternative investments. Of equal importance to my selection of an investment manager is their integrity, ethics and honesty. Here again, my experience with Stacey has been exceptional. On more than one occasion, when I have wanted to move forward, he has advised me to hold off, not to pull the trigger, and wait for a more appropriate investment option. I have been so impressed with him that as a 34-year Corporate Banker, I have proudly introduced him to past clients, colleagues, family and friends".

Carol Deters - Client

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the expert, professional, and timely way you handled my investments from my 1031 exchange this past fall. The first time I met you to discuss my options, I felt a level of comfort and security with your professionalism, your knowledge of the options that I could use, and your extreme sense of care in insuring that my investments were as safe as possible but would also continue to grow as a legacy for my family".

Julie Swail - Client

"We've worked with Stacey and his team for close to 10 years, and continue to invest because of their professionalism and the quality of products offered. Stacey and his team understand our needs and risk tolerance. When discussing new investments, they are accommodating in meeting with us at a time and location that works with our schedule. When we have questions on current investments they're easily reached. I highly recommend them".

Richard Weintraub - Securities Attorney

"As a securities attorney with over 40 years experience in the area, I have had the opportunity to work with many FINRA broker dealers. Stacey Morimoto of Stax Capital is one of the most knowledgeable brokers that I have worked with. His attention to FINRA rules and regulations is remarkable. Stax Capital keeps impeccable due diligence compliance files that will protect issuers of securities in case of an examination. In addition, Stacey is a pleasure to work with in securities offerings".

Goli Sadeghi, CPA - Ronaghy, CPA & Associates

"Stacey is wonderful to work with. He consistently offers sound financial advice on my clientsi investment objectives. He has the knowledge and expertise to provide complex financial structures and strategies. His dedication to clients and genuine interest in achieving the best solution is what sets him apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs quality financial guidance."

Adam Nishikawa, VP - Exchange Resources, Inc. 1031 Exchange Accommodator

"l trust my clients to Stax Capital for several reasons: strong underwriting skills, successful track record, and their ability to meet my clients' investment goals. A 1031 Exchange can be very stressful looking at the overwhelming number of replacement properties available on the market. It requires an experienced advisor to filter through bad opportunities to find the right match, preventing you from falling victim to inflated opportunities and bad business practices. Bottom line, I cannot afford to have a bad advisor work with one of my clients when each of them has hundreds of thousands of tax-deferred dollars at stake".

Paul Spring Esq, President- - Exchange Resources Inc. 1031 Exchange Accomodator

"l have known Mr. Morimoto for the last twenty years. We have worked together in the real estate industry assisting investors in locating property for their real estate portfolios. My company has referred many clients to Stacey over the years in this regard. I have attended seminars where Stacey has been the main speaker and found his communication skills to be superb, explaining a subject that is not always easy to understand. Unlike so many others, he is able to explain the process and suitability of properties to his audience. He understands the product and is always professional in his approach. He deals with people with respect and patience and will never advise a client to pursue an investment which is not proper for them. Because of his experience, he is able to analyze properties, markets and companies that are best suited for his clients. He is a great resource to investors of real estate".

Debbie Verity - Verity Money Management

"Stacey and I have had a joint client for 4 years. In my role as the client’s daily money manager, I’ve turned to Stacey often for help with understanding the investments. Stacey's always available to thoroughly answer questions and solve problems, and treats all people with respect. Most importantly, my client has absolute faith in Stacey’s sound financial advice and his ability to direct his extensive investments.

Belden Brown - Principal of Passco Companies

"Stacey Morimoto is one of the more experienced and qualified Financial Advisors in this industry. I have known him for over 20 years and he has set himself apart in this industry with his real estate knowledge and securities expertise. He's been an owner/operator of two securities broker dealers, head of due diligence, and over that time built a solid reputation of integrity".

Chris Allen - Dear Friend & Client

I not only have the benefit of Stacey’s professional guidance and financial stewardship, he also happens to be one of my best friends. Stacey and I have been friends since the age of 13. When he ventured into this business many years ago I had no idea what a blessing it would be to have him assist in the investment of my own hard earned capital. I cant tell you how proud and humbled I am to now be a witness to what Stacey does for so many investors and their families. I have often heard him share what a deep sense of responsibility he feels for his clients but I never quite understood the gravity of it until it was my financial security and nest egg that was at stake. Now I know exactly what he was talking about. As Stacey and his team walked me through the investments and the portfolio that was being crafted for me personally, I couldn’t help but sense the amount of experience and knowledge they have all acquired over the years. I have always loved Real Estate for it’s financial benefits and dimensions. Now I am diversely invested in some of the most amazing properties throughout the US, and they are all managed by the best in the industry. All my concerns about monthly cash flow as well as the long term growth of my equity have been addressed and now I can simply enjoy spending precious time with my two sons which brings me true joy. My investments were facilitated through a timely 1031 exchange and it was completly turnkey. I feel truly supported each month and Stacey is always quick to pick up the phone to answer any questions or concerns. Now Stacey and his team not only oversee my financial well being, they are building a portfolio for my parents to provide them the with same sense of financial security and well being I have.

Eric Lindquist - Client

I met Stacey Morimoto, CEO of Stax Capital in 2015. Having been a residential real estate investor since 1979, owning and self-managing primarily townhouses and condominiums was becoming a time consuming obligation. I was interested in continuing to own real estate investments but in a much more passive manner. I learned through Stacey’s expertise with DST’s that I could use the 1031 exchange as a tax advantaged method to move from active to passive management. Stacey and his colleagues at Stax Capital have been outstanding at facilitating this transition. Stacey's due diligence and knowledge of available projects has been invaluable. He is always available, always pleasant, and always prepared with in-depth knowledge and insight. So here I am in 2020 having made my exchanges resulting in annual cash flow returns of about 5.5% and an overall investment return of about 9.5% per annum. My exchanges were accomplished in a very timely and efficient manner. Thank you to Stacey, your colleagues and Stax Capital! (i) This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers. (ii) This testimonial is no guarantee of future performance or success.

The testimonials shown here are genuine and were not paid for. The testimonials may not be representative of the experience of othter customers, and may not guarantee future performance or success.

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