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The 1031 Exchange Timeline

You only have 45 days to find your 1031 replacement property. Between the due diligence, the financing, and a highly competitive market, identifying and securing a replacement property in a short window of time can be difficult.

Day 1

Close the sale of your current property

Day 45

Identify replacement properties

Day 180

Complete the exchange

Explore the Benefits

Here are some potential advantages to consider when exploring DST investments.

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Understand the Risks

Here are some of the potential risks that may be associated with investing in DSTs.

Difficult to sell

There is no public market for DSTs, and one is unlikely to develop. Typical holding periods are 5 to 10 years, so you should be comfortable with a highly illiquid investment.

Lack of control

DSTs are professionally managed assets, and sponsors make all day-to-day and key operational decisions. Individual investors have no influence in the decision making process.

Fees and expenses

The DST structure includes various fees and expenses. As with any other investment, you should understand all fees and expenses prior to making your investment decision.

Subject to market risks

Like any real estate investment, DST cash flow levels and property values are subject to market, economic, tenant, and location risks. Projected cash flows are not guaranteed and can fluctuate over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've recently sold an appreciated property and want to prioritize preserving your wealth, deferring capital gains can be a strategic move. This allows you to delay paying taxes and potentially increase your investment capital.

Delaware Statutory Trusts may be a great option for you. Real estate investments makes sense in your portfolio and in terms of tax advantages.

Ease of management and the quality of investments.

1031 Exchanges are fantastic for deferring your capital gains while giving you the ability to not be hands-on anymore. The solution also provides a way for you to diversify your investment portfolio with access to institutional quality real estate to offset traditional investment risks.

Rather than pay capital gains tax, you can look for 100% tax deferral solutions such as a DST 1031 exchange.

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Inside you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the 1031 exchange DST process, risks, and benefits so that you know what to expect every step of the way.

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