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If you’re selling a business, real estate, or a highly appreciated stock, re-investing in a qualified opportunity fund could help you defer, reduce, or eliminate capital gains taxes — while making an impact in the process.
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Put Your Capital Gains to Work

When you invest in properties through a qualified opportunity fund, you’re not only eligible for significant tax benefits, you’re also revitalizing up-and-coming communities by creating more jobs, driving business, and expanding housing.


Year 1

Invest capital gains from prior investment into a Qualified Opportunity Fund and begin deferring tax


Year 3

Pay taxes on original federal capital gains

2034 - 2047

Year 10+

Pay no federal capital gains taxes on the gain from the sale of the QOF investment

Explore the Benefits

Here are some of the potential benefits associated with Qualified Opportunity Fund investments.

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Understand the Risks

Consider some of the potential risks associated with Qualified Opportunity Fund investments.

Speculative Investments

Qualified Opportunity Funds are speculative in nature and heavily reliant on the assumptions used by investment sponsors which may prove to be inaccurate.

Illiquid Investment

No public market currently exists and one is unlikely to develop. Selling an interest in a QOF may proved to be difficult or impossible.

Real Estate Risks

Investments in real estate are subject to various economic risks including among other things recession, inflation, supply and changing market demographics.

Potential Returns

The amount and timing of QOF investment distributions are not guaranteed. There is no guarantee that investor will receive distributions or a return of capital.

Tax Risks

Tax rules and guidelines for QOZ investing have not been finalized and subsequent changes to QOZ rules and guidelines may have material adverse consequences to QOF Funds and their investors.

Regulatory Risk

The regulatory framework governing QOZ investing is fluid and changes are ongoing. Subsequent changes to QOZ and QOF regulations may have material adverse consequences to QOF Funds and their investors.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Legislation

In 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs act established a new tax incentive to encourage investments in over 8,000 designated opportunity zones that haven't seen significant capital investment in decades. 

When you invest in properties through qualified opportunity fund, you're not only eligible for significant tax benefits. You're also revitalizing up-and-coming communities by creating more jobs, driving business and expanding housing.

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