It's your financial freedom To ensure that your financial freedom comes first, we go the extra mile to understand what that means to you. That sets the foundation for our partnership. It’s our mandate to diversify your wealth through a process, that is underpinned by carefully selected alternative investment strategies that have been carefully vetted through our rigorous due diligence process. Our collective knowledge and experience with alternative investments, plus integrity and longevity, is why we believe we have earned trust. Our purpose is to make sure our clients feel confident and secure in their financial freedom.
That's why we put you first Stax Capital leverages two decades of experience to simplify the complex and reveal the true risks
and benefits. We go the extra mile in due diligence to put your financial freedom first.

Thoughtful Guidance

You get deep and insightful advice because our founders have spent decades immersed in the detail and culture of direct participation, DST and 1031 exchange investments.

Get the full investment picture

Vetted Investment Sponsors

You get connected to sponsors with vetted track records and you're able to select from investments that the Stax team has put through comprehensive due diligence.

Get the team you can rely upon

Rigorous Due Diligence

We identify critical risk factors like management flaws, aggressive financial modelling assumptions, physical deficiencies and resilience against negative trends. We help investors make informed decisions.

Get the next level in diligence


Stax provides accredited investors with access to non-traditional investments that were once the exclusive playing grounds of institutional investors like pension funds, endowments and large family offices.

Get powerful access to investments


It’s like building a bridge to your financial freedom.

Our accumulated experience uniquely positions us to help you achieve your financial freedom. It has also given us direct access to some of the world’s most coveted alternative investment managers.

We want our clients to be the beneficiaries of that experience and we work hard to provide them with tailored wealth strategies that leverage:

  • Institutional Quality Investments
  • Our Consulting Services
  • Our 1031 Exchange Guidance
  • Our Product Due Diligence

We help build a strategy that works towards solidifying your financial freedom

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DST's offer an IRS approved vehicle for 1031 exchanges, which can defer long term taxes, simplify ongoing tax reporting obligations, liberate investors from hands on property management, and provide potential cash flow and long term capital appreciation.


Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOF's) enjoy a powerful combination of tax advantages including tax deferral, tax reduction and tax elimination. This is achieved by investing in specifically designated areas throughout the country.


Direct participation programs provide access to larger scale investments for smaller investors while also offering portfolio diversification potential and a hedge against market volatility. Income and tax benefits flow through to individual investors.
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