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Diversify Your Portfolio With
Private Equity Real Estate

Unlock access to institutional quality properties that are typically out of reach for individual investors — along with the potential tax and cash flow benefits that come with them.

Direct ownership Benefits

Direct investment programs use pooled investment structures to give you direct ownership benefits of real estate assets, typically in the form Limited Partnership Interests or Units within an LLC.

As a limited partner, you receive revenues, but your potential losses and liabilities are limited to the amount you invested. Meanwhile, a general partner manages the investment and keeps you from having to participate in everyday operations and decisions.

We’ll help you explore the benefits

Potential appreciation

Direct investment programs increase geographic reach, giving you access to more growth markets throughout the country.

Potential income

Funds are typically delivered to you on a *quarterly or monthly basis, which means your investment has the potential to generate passive income.

Portfolio diversification

With traditional assets like stocks and bonds dominating real estate portfolios, direct investment programs offer an alternative that can potentially mitigate risk.

Low investment minimums

You get access to funds that purchase hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars worth of real estate assets, with investment minimums as low as $25,000.

Tax advantages

Most real estate funds or investments will pass through expenses like depreciation, which you can use to shelter some or all of your income distributions.

And we’ll walk you through the risks

Typically Illiquid Structure

There is no secondary market for direct investment programs, and withdrawals are either limited or unavailable. You’ll need to keep your money invested for 5-10 years or longer, typically until the investment liquidates and distributes your money back to you, plus any gains not previously paid out.

Subject to Market Risk

Although real estate direct investment programs are not directly impacted by the traditional stock or mutual funds market, they are subject to changes in the economy, like inflation and recession, that negatively affect the real estate market.

Involves Speculation 

Direct investment programs are speculative in nature and heavily reliant on the assumptions used by investment sponsors, which may prove to be inaccurate.

Suitability Considerations

Direct investment programs are only suitable if you meet certain income and net worth criteria, can support the illiquid nature of the program, and can sustain the total loss of your investment.

Find out if a direct investment program is right for you

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