CF Riverworks DST

Phoenixville, PA

Property Description

Built in 2017, the Property is a 349-unit apartment community situated on 20.6 acres with 548 parking spaces, including 121 garage spaces. The Property is 94.8% occupied with an average monthly rent of $2,195.

Acquistion Details

Total Equity


Total Debt


Total Value








Financial Details

Purchase Price




Loan interest rate


Maturity Date

May 1, 2034

Interest Only Through

May 1, 2034

Business Plan

The principal objectives of the Trust are to (a) distribute to the Investors annual cash flows, as described in the Targeted Results of Operations for the Property and Return to the Investors (the “Targeted Results”) attached as Exhibit A to this Memorandum, (b) manage the Property in a manner consistent with prudent real estate management in order to maintain the Property’s long-term value, and (c) sell the Property prior to the maturity date of the Loan. There can be no assurance that any of these objectives will be achieved.

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