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Product Offerings

We know that true value is created for our clients through experience, knowledge and offering suitable investment products. We believe in quality over quantity, being selective is what helps set us apart.


We use the latest technology to support the processes that help us deliver the best customer experience possible. We understand the value of consistently improving the efficiency of both our product and service deliveries.


The Stax Capital foundation has been built upon a reputation of integrity, acumen and trust. These principles are what help us deliver upon our promise to our clients.

Due Diligence

Stax Capital utilizes a proprietary due diligence process, which has been time tested and involves multiple phases that culminate into a findings report designed to test issuer, sector and product viability.

Business Development

Stax Capital provides a robust customer development program. Our team structure has clearly defined roles that nurture every aspect of the client lifecycle. At Stax, we put our clients first.

Team Approach

We believe in the power of a team environment where everyone is working towards a common goal and where the entire Stax community can prosper together, naturally our clients are at the forefront.

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At Stax Capital, we deliver a disciplined approach to issuer and product due diligence. We believe that mitigating investor risk is an absolute priority, so we've developed a proprietary due diligence process that examines critical risk factors like management flaws, aggressive financial assumptions, physical deficiencies and resilience against negative trends.



The cornerstone of real investment opportunity is knowledge. We leverage decades of experience in the private placement sector and 1031 exchange marktelplace to provide institutional quality opportunities, at an accessible scale with totally passive management. We work diligently to help our clients minimize tax burdens which can potentailly amplify the process of building and retaining wealth.



We believe integrity must be lived daily and that manifests itself in the track records of the sponsors and partners with whom we associate. Doing the right thing for the right reasons and putting the investor first can have a meaningful impact on outcomes. There are multiple factors that will preclude us from working with certain investment sponsors and integrity is at the top of the list.



We believe trust is earned. Over nearly twenty years and thousands of 1031 exchanges, Stax founders have developed professional relationships with investors, issuers and sponsors that are built on integrity. Our focus on trust is reflected in how we adapt to unique individual investor needs and provide the right opportunities, when available, that best suit those needs.